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Fossil Fuel & Gas

Being supported by our partners in the Middle East gives us the capability to offer to our clients, refined fossil fuel, LNG and also LPG. We will act as an intermediary in the process of purchasing crude oil.

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In diversifying our range of products for the Oil & Gas industry, we have engaged ourselves with a well-known chemical manufacturer. Besides the high quality of our high end product portfolio, we actively offers technical support concerning the application properties of our raw materials and formulation recommendation. What sets us apart from the rest, is the level of field service and formulating expertise we can provide to our partner clients. We believe there are no “ off the shelf ” solutions to unique oil and gas field challenges.

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Steam Coal

With establishing a partnership with a local company, we have direct access to coal mines in Southern Kalimantan in Indonesia, we could provide a wide range of coal grades that is required by our clients at a competitive value.